Retouching the Good ol’ Days

Why convert to your old photographs to digital?
Conventional photographs can be damaged by sunlight, heat and humidity. All those elements can crack, fade and ultimately destroy your precious memories.

Why does converting to digital matter?
Converting your old photographs to digital can preserve your memories for printing indefinitely.

That’s not all . . .
With the decrease in actual photo printing, your memories can be accessed by younger generations who increasingly view content on their phone and tablets.
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Broken Foto℠ is skilled,
nimble and quick.
Photo retouching houses charge common people more than $75.00 to retouch a photograph — $75.00
and they are slow.

Join the fun!
Get your broken photos fixed today!

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How to send your photo

The best way to send your broken photo is a scan and an email to Don't have a scanner? Go to one of the office supply stores (Office Depot, Staples etc.) and have the scan done for you. Ask about a 'gang shot' scan (all of the photos or as many as possible can be scanned at one time). Email to: - Subject "Your Name" - Content "Photo instructions"broken foto photo retouching advertisment for home page retouching sun feature

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    “Excellent [work]! I really appreciate you. You are an answer to prayer! . . . I’ll be in touch with more pics in the coming weeks. : )”   — Patricia, Harford Co., Maryland

    “I scanned and sent an 87 year old photo which was cracked and discolored. Broken Foto℠ did a great job and now I can proudly have it framed and share it with my family and it was more affordable than any other service I have used before. I’ll keep using Broken Foto℠!”   — Lisa, Manassas, Virginia

    “My sister passed away two years ago and I wanted to preserve her memory by having her childhood photos touched up. I am so happy with the quality of work that Broken Foto℠ produced. I did not have to part with the original photo, I just scanned and sent. My precious photos were done quickly and professionally.”   — Bob, Baltimore, Maryland

    “Oh my gosh! My grandma would be so happy! This is great, now she is in her proper place. Makes me laugh! Maybe she was self conscious of her weight. Lol.”   — Patricia, Harford Co., Maryland

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