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For years . . .

. . . I have driven my 83-year-old father to the V.A. Hospital for his monthly check-up. This particular day he told me to remind him to give me a picture his mother, my grandmother, when he got home because it needed to be 'touched-up' so he could put it into a frame.

I took a picture of the photo and emailed it to myself, later retouching the picture and getting it back to him.

After seeing the results his partner asked me to fix a picture of her mother. So, I did. A few weeks later, one of her family members mentioned in passing that she needed a photo fixed. So, she recommended me for the job.

That family member called and told me about a bad experience she’d had trying to get this particular photo fix. It took several weeks, the work she’d requested had not been done competently and after some back and forth, and round after round, the time and cost for this exercise in frustration was more than $75.00. And she was still unsatisfied with the end result.

After our conversation, later that evening, she emailed the picture to me. I sent the finished picture back to her the following morning. She was so elated with the results, she paid me twice what I asked to do the job.

She said she knew a lot of people with photos that needed to be fixed. With that, I thought hmmm . . . I’ve never given retouching a thought before. But I can do it and do it efficiently, and much to my surprise – it’s fun.

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James E. Smallwood — Founder
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James E. Smallwood is a graphic artist from Maryland. He has more than thirty years of experience in newsroom art departments from the Baltimore Sunpapers to the Washington Post, with stops at Knight-Ridder Tribune Graphics and the Atlanta Journal-Constitution along the way.

James has experience with conventional art and graphics from pencil, pen and ink and airbrush to computer graphics, illustrations, infographics and animated gifs using software such as Adobe Illustrator, PhotoShop and Web design with Adobe Dreamweaver and Wordpress. He also has a lengthy history of graphic production and problem solving, while meeting very tight deadlines in pressure situations.

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